6/9/16 Music You Can Use


Note: This was first published on Facebook on June 2, 2016

A 3 hour road trip to North Mississippi early this morning and I brought along my as yet unopened copy of David Peterson‘s SIMPLICITY. This CD is a Grand Slam.

I was hooked at BE THOU MY VISION and finally translated into glorious sublimation with BEULAH LAND. I listened through the entire CD three times. Having stared down the long rows myself, SWEET ALLIS CHALMERS made me feel about as lonesome as the voice in the song. BARE HANDS called glory down from heaven! NIGHT RIDER’S LAMENT and MISTY MOONLIGHT SERENADE were marvelous. HE HIDETH MY SOUL gave me chicken skin. David, I sang harmony with you all the way down the foggy highway. I can’t wait until I see you again and we can do it in real time.

This is the best recording I have heard in a long time. I regret it took me several weeks to break the seal and give it an earnest listen. I have repented of that. The simplicity of one personally inspiring voice and one guitar, and some sparse, well placed other accompaniment is its own reward for the earnest music lover.

©2016 Mississippi Chris Sharp

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