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Note: 7/20/16 – Okay. I repent. Your comments are allowed, especially after Facebook chapped me and I deactivated my account. I will monitor comments to keep off spammers and the profane, but even if you disagree with me, want to chide me, or correct me, I will allow your comments…just no bad language and no personal attacks on other commenters.

NOTE: 5/5/16 – I started out not allowing comments. I then started to allow some. I am back to not allowing any, none, nada, zip, zilch. Write your own blog if you want to have a voice, as this one is mine. Please be advised that I cannot respond on WordPress to any message you might choose to send me without publishing the comments, which I will not do. You are welcome to send all comments and communications directly to me at missippichris@yahoo.com

NOTE 1/5/15 – my website http://www.mississippichrissharp.com has self-destructed for some reason. I am working to get it back up, but not too hard. There is only so much time to deal with digital vexations. I may have reached my delicate sufficiency. The Chronic Diaries can be downloaded from this site…here.


I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in October of 2008. I write about some of my experiences with this new event in my life. As far as I am able, the facts as they pertain to my CLL are presented here, but they may be occluded behind the cloudy substance of human experience and recollection. If you want to learn more about the clinical mechanisms of CLL and the means by which it is treated, you will not learn much from this blog; I suggest you visit CLL TOPICS, which certainly has been and continues to be a beneficial site for me. There are other sites as well. There is a literal mountain of information for a CLL patient to misinterpret when he is searching the web for information, without any supervision; One can depress himself right to the point of death. Be careful what you read!  Being thus warned, read on at your discretion. My goal here is to inform my near and distant family, friends, and fans, of my status, and to do that in a manner that is hopefully an entertaining read.  If any one feels so inclined, Drop me an e-mail, most particularly if you also have CLL and something you read here was beneficial to you.

Though they are thinly disguised, real people are written about within this blog. If you want to learn how ONE person is thinking about the personal-human experience that is CLL, then read on with the understanding that somewhere between the facts and the experiences I write about herein, lies the truth . . . sometimes sacrificed on the altar of bruised  and jaded perception. The list of things I don’t know is very long . . . the list of things I am sure of is getting shorter and shorter. You are welcome if you choose to stay here a while. Be advised that I will write about anything I choose, whether it pertains to CLL or not, since this new life of mine is FILTERED through the experience of cancer; while it is not the focus of my life, it certainly makes one look at life differently. Time is split into two eras: BC (Before Cancer) and AD (After Diagnosis). Thank you for reading this. I hope you can find the time you spend here worthwhile!


I started this blog on my own website, —VOID—. Please visit my website to download the PDF files of Volumes I, II, and III of THE CHRONIC DIARIES, which contain blog posts from the beginning.


Everything written on this entire blog is ©2013-2020 Mississippi Chris Sharp. This copyright extends to every page and post.
If you’d like to contact me, send an email to: missippichris@yahoo.com

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