2/22/17 Dramatic Intervention

Earlier tonight, I had written this long treatise on excessive drama in our lives: drama from hundreds of news sources and thousands of fake news purveyors clamoring for our attention, drama from our government, drama from social media, dramas upon dramas  upon dramas…even dramas on llamas. I had written that nothing was simple anymore, being exacerbated in complexity by much needless drama, as if everyone were poor facsimiles of the late, great actor Charles Laughton, who could successfully bring an entertaining drama to the slicing of an onion. The everyday dramas we face are not nearly so entertaining. They are mostly a vexation, if not in content, then in number. Unfortunately, we usually get both at the same time. We suffer from drama overload.


Charles Laughton

I had gone into great detail, citing numerous personal anecdotes of the inflicted sufferings of the overly dramatic.I had provided several pages of this, filled with what I thought were the most clever phrases, the most cogent examples, the best remedies, until I had begun to suspect I was being overly dramatic. In the midst of a hopefully humorous rant about the dangers of needless drama, I had succumbed to its lure, seduced by its charms, turning molehills of the mundane into mountains of dramatic but useless urgency.

I suspect my suspicions were confirmed when a careless, unknown but powerful keystroke returned my drama back into random ones and zeroes, sending them in an irreclaimable form back into the ether. It was gone: and if permanently gone is dramatically gone, then I succeeded so well in imparting drama that I fear its performance was as dramatic as it appears to be permanent.

I expect you will have enough unwelcome drama injected into your life today without my useless drama being mixed in there. Instead of four or five pages of a failed attempt at Charles Laughton, you get these few paragraphs of the dramas of my own foolishness, which you can ignore without any fear of a world crisis, and which providence has chosen to allow me to inflict on you, as it appears to be lingering for publication.

I better stop now, lest this disappear, too.

That would be more drama than I could bear.

Here’s to a day filled with less drama!

©2017 Mississippi Chris Sharp

3 thoughts on “2/22/17 Dramatic Intervention

  1. “even dramas on llamas”

    This was a calming piece you wrote Chris. I had not stopped to categorize what is happening in past months but you nailed it man.

    I am sharing this with my brother.



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