10/2/17 Check Up Time

It was a long, fun weeknd of music, travel, and friends. Now, I am in Houston. From Baton Rouge to here, I witnessed the mountains of things lining the roadways, soiled and ruined by floodwaters. People are resiliant. They plod along in search of personal restoration, while their things can be replaced, though there is pain in every flood-soaked sofa.

I am in such loving and competent hands! Whole teams of physicians and their staff members, both here in Houston and at home in Meridian, are taking good care of me. Some of those who acknowledged this post are trained professional caregivers; some share CLL with me; some have struggles with other cancers; the rest of you are much loved friends. We all have our struggles, our victories, and our defeats. Ultimately, we all have our liberation from this place of strife to be translated to a place of peace. I will keep that in mind today, tomorrow, and every day. In the meantime, there is great comfort in your kind thoughts and your prayers.

Whether here or at home, when I visit an oncology clinic, I see people who are fighting desperate battles, making mine pale in insignificance. Some fight them alone; I spoke to one at dinner tonight…he was scared, lonely, and confused, embarking as he was on an uncertain journey. He needed an empathetic pair of ears; I just happened to have two good ones I was willing to lend; all it took was a smile and a hello.

That always happens in this place. It can happen everywhere if we simply take the time to acknowledge people. The things that unite us are many, real, and eternal; the things that divide us are few, artificial, and ephemeral. We all benefit from freshly polished lenses; they help us to see clearly; they let more light in; they let more light out.

We are all embarked on an uncertain journey, and parts of it we must all make alone. There is no condition, no fear, and no joy but such as is common to all mankind.

I am so thankful for my many, many blessings. Truly, my cup runneth over. Oh, my, at the good days I have had!! Yesterday was one. Today is one. Tomorrow will be another! šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “10/2/17 Check Up Time

  1. Seems there is a song for every occasion Chris, today’s post makes me think of
    “The sunny side of life”


  2. God bless you and all the others there, that includes the staff and doctors that are trying their best to get you all through everyone’s particular disease. We had band practice yesterday and remembered you with a song or two. I hope you have an outstanding checkup!


  3. Glad to hear you had a good visit! Had I not broken my arm and completely blown my schedule, we would have been there the same day!


  4. Chris, so glad you are here sharing gratitude to all. At this time I have set out on a goal to make sure to write a personal gratitude every day or almost every day. It is dwelling on our daily gratitudes not negative side of life which will give us true happiness to move smoothly to the next day with a peaceful heart.

    As my reply to your post shall tattle on me, I am very far behind on readings. I had issues with glasses, still am, and or vision. Working to get my house ready to put on the market and move on to my next venture in living life. So, glad I am able to squeeze in time to read your post. I do miss them. Happier still to read you are doing so wonderful and praying it continues as I read more post to catch up with your adventures through life, past and the future ones to be shared.

    Peace and Blessings,


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