11/17/13 The Chronic Diaries

The links below are to PDF files for compilations of older blog posts. Right click on the link and “save as” or download it.

The Chronic Diaries

The Chronic Diaries Volume 2

The Chronic Diaries Volume 3

Note 12/1/14: A friend reported a problem with these links a few days ago. I have fixed them. They were linked to a site that stored them but the site is down for some reason. Now they are stored here on my WordPress site.

Thanks, Sarah D, for letting me know!!

Note: 10/20/16 – I have been asked where Volumes IV and V are. They are all here on this blog site. I have complied them into separate volumes for binding, but there are also here. You can scroll down and find them all published here. Volumes 1, 2, and 3 predate this blog site.

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