7/17/16 Back to BATCC

The right-smart honorable Raymond E. Huffmaster is accompanying me on this trip to Houston. If you are in Bluegrass music and your ears are burning, well, now you know why.


We are about 10 miles east of Baton Rouge on I-12. It is raining and traffic is very heavy.

I just heard of this morning’s murder of three Baton Rouge police officers and the wounding of two others. A significant portion of the town has been closed to traffic. Troubles are all around us.

May my many close, personal friends in Baton Rouge know peace this day. The same for those I don’t know. That seems likely for some, and very unlikely for others, particularly those who lost loved ones.


4 thoughts on “7/17/16 Back to BATCC

  1. Sure hope you get a good report my dear friend. It had to be hard on the emotions going through BR. As you said, in so many words, may God bless us all.


  2. Chris, I am currently dating a man in Georgia who has CLL. It is in remission right now. I was telling him about your CLL diary and he would very much like to read it from the beginning….. And subscribe to your posts. How do I direct him?


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