12/11/13 Hurry, Young Invincibles

You young invincibles…your unwillingness to sign up for insurance under the ACA is a sure sign of your moral failure, since it is the morally right thing for you to do. Any reluctance on your part is an obvious indication of your lack of morality. Have you stopped and considered that?

Older, sicker folks need you to sign up so you can underwrite the costs they are likely to incur, since the working model of the whole system depends on you paying your fair share for the benefit of those who will need the insurance coverage. Yes, the ACA will work, but only if you pay for it.

You should do this cheerfully, since the way the ACA works is by the principle, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” As we all know, these are the most morally and socially correct words ever uttered in the history of mankind. As an obvious example, all you have to do is to look at the noble, benevolent governments who have operated under this principle. They were all examples of utopian human government.

You young people have the means and ability to pay for your health insurance at rates that will subsidize the elderly and the ill. We are all thankful for that, we are grateful for that, and in fact, we have a right to have this done for us at your expense, since you can afford it, healthcare is our right because our happiness cannot be ascertained without it, and it is simply the morally correct thing for you to do and for us to receive. It is the government’s obligation to ensure my right of happiness. If the government needs you to pay for it for me to have it, why would this be a cause for your concern? Are you living under the outdated idea that because you earned you money that it is your to do with as you please? In these modern times, do you expect to have choices, particularly if those choices run counter to the needs of others? This old-fashioned way of thinking has long been discredited.

You don’t need your own money as much as some of us others do, so by the force of law, it should be appropriated for the need of the community. The greater good of that community should be your primary concern, not the selfish motivation to spend your own money in the way you see fit. Since society provided the foundation for you to be employed by others, self-employed, or employed by government, you should be willing to pay the easily affordable premiums for the limited choice health-care the government has provided for your benefit and the benefit of your co-citizens. Should you choose not to, a tax will be imposed on your earnings, which is a mere $95.00 (or 1% of your total earnings, whichever is greater). Never mind the 1% part, the government has done everything in its power to make you aware of the $95.00. If you are lucky enough to have a government job where the starting pay is $40,000, you’ll pay $400. That’s just for the first year, after which it goes up dramatically, but you should not focus on this…but focus instead on your obligation to your fellow citizens who need your participation.

There are already many morally correct things that you and your employer are paying for now, and this is only one more. You sign up and pay your premiums cheerfully and not be a drain on society, but make your just contribution to it. It is only fair. It is only just. It is the morally correct thing to do. Your own personal contributions to those less fortunate than yourself should be stopped immediately so that you are better able to allow the government to help your fellow man for you, since government is much better able to determine actual need and to ameliorate it far more efficiently.

Since the great visionary, Karl Marx, wrote his definitive work on benevolent government defining the best way to have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, the world’s most noble thoughts have been put into practice in many places and are finally coming to fruition here in America. Just think about it: Each of you with ability will be able to share the fruits of your labors with those less fortunate. Your abilities, properly measured, collected, and redistributed, will provide the basis for the needs of others who have a claim on you and your conscience simply because their need is greater. As we look around us, nature itself tells us that this is the absolutely best way for man to proceed in governing himself, since we see it in every biological segment.

Ants and bees work for the continued improvement of their colonies. The workers go about their business with no thought of self, merely programmed by nature to be about their tasks that benefit the colony at large. The worker bees all collect pollen to make the honey that feeds the entire colony, which all bees have free access to. There are never any projections of a selfish individualism that hinders the harmony of the colony. When threatened, the worker bees and ants give no thought to self, but sacrifice themselves fearlessly in protection of their collective home. They are so happily working at their business that they have no personal thought, no pesky dreams, and no useless individualism. The colony is a model of peace and harmony.

This is what your government is striving for on your behalf. We know that given the proper training and the proper chance, you will submit your own will for the good of humanity at large, leaving no room in your heart for counterproductive, personal desires, knowing that there is no fulfillment on any gauche, bourgeois level, but a complete and sublime fulfillment in complete submission to the great collective. No one who has a need will have it unfulfilled. No one will ever go hungry. No one will ever want for medical care ever again, if you will simply do your part and submit to the underwriting of this noble cause. It is your duty. It is your compelling moral obligation.

Do not listen to those alarmist individualists, that this is socialism or communism. This is a progression from bad government which does not meet all the needs of its citizens to one that becomes our benefactor in all things. Remember, professional government experts know more about these things, even about your own happiness, than you do. Any ideas about liberty, profit, rewards for hard work, personal achievement….well, these are old fashioned and archaic, since they all have the risk of failure, and the risk of failure is what the government is now ready to remove from your future. In the future, with your cooperation, there will be no failure, there will simply be a great equality of all…none rich, none poor, but all a nice happy medium tepidness, where everyone soaks in the water that is not too hot, nor too cold. In the immediate future, we can see the complete elimination of Papa Bear and Mama Bear, leaving us with a nice Baby Bear existence. Everything will be just right.

Hand in hand with our program is the legalization of recreational drugs, making them free and easy to obtain without any penalty. We have examined some of the greatest works of literature which deal with how governments manage people, and decided that these things are necessary to the happiness of the people, since they will dull any propensity for those who suffer from delusions that they and their talents are superior to those of any other person. Eventually, in our new system, of which the ACA is just the beginning, the abilities of people should all exactly match the needs, thus eliminating inequality forever. In the meantime, handicapping devices and the establishment of terminal lounges will be beneficial tools to help us achieve our goals. The state of Oregon has a working model of a program which has been used to great effect. This will be the model for the establishment of the terminal lounges.

The ACA, and your participation in it, are the very beginnings of our “Greatest Society,” far superior to the one envisioned by Lyndon Baines Johnson. At every turn, government will be there to assist you, comfort you, clothe, feed and warm you. A chicken in every pot, as it were, or at least, chicken flavored Ramen noodles in the community soup pot, but what does it matter as long as your belly is full, or at least full on a somewhat regular basis. As a nation, we are too obese anyway, which adds to our healthcare costs, and managing this through an equal distribution of food so that no one gets more than his fair share is a reasonable position for government to take. No one will ever want for anything, again. This is the purpose of government. This is the moral imperative of government. It is your moral imperative to comply with the government’s efforts to assist you in living a life of harmony and equality. To resist this is to resist your own happiness and the happiness of society.

Unfortunately, to achieve this, government must sometimes take a harsh taskmaster approach to those who are recalcitrant in their duties to others. In some unfortunate cases, those unwilling to share in their largesse may find themselves forced to yield to government intrusion on their property and substance, but this is for the good of the whole, and will be done within the confines of the law, since government is prohibited from unreasonable searches and seizures, but by definition, the educated, benevolent, and visionary government, concerned with the welfare of all its citizens cannot be unreasonable. Government, since it is you, by you, and for you, can only be reasonable. Any actions that government may be likely to take against you is really for you. This should be obvious to the modern enlightened person.

Those who have the old-fashioned idea that words are anything more than a means to achieve an end, or that words have actual meanings that are reliable should get that right out of their head. Word are tools used by humans for communications. It is the intent of the communications that is important, not the words. Of course, intentions change with circumstances, thus words must be just as flexible. The modern thinker understands this and does not insist on absolutes. Laws that are made up of words that are absolute re no longer part of the government process. Your leaders in government are able to enjoy the flexibility ot modifying laws on the spot to conform with local and personal situations wherein the society may benefit at large. Gone are the harsh restraints placed on you by dead words written on paper, replaced by the loving, caring nature of flexibility in particular cases and circumstances. This will free up government to more efficiently execute its duties, or its citizens, when necessary to achieve the harmony and peace of the whole. Even in medicine, sometimes it is necessary to hastily remove a part in order that the whole may survive. Is this not confirmed by mature?

All of this, young people, can be yours with your simple compliance with the ACA. It will start slowly at first, but will build to a crescendo in just a few short years. BY then, the baby boomers will have been mostly eliminated, and you young Gen Xers and Millineals will be far fewer in number, far healthier because of government healthcare and protective policies, and completely immersed in your enjoyment of your recreational substances, and everyone will be slim, good-looking, and everyone will be above average, since average will have been abolished. It could be that within your lifetimes, everyone will be of superior intelligence, educated, literate, wealthy, warm, well fed, healthy, secure, safe, entertained, and never having any need to leave the confines of their government assigned living quarters. Why haven’t you signed up already?

This could be the start of something big.

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