8/19/18 Link Centre Performance – Tupelo, MS

Piper and Me Link Centre 2Tupelo’s Link Centre hosted us in their program called Monthly Music Mix. I took my video camera but forgot to push the record button. Ooops!

I did get an audio recording of our full show. You can hear it here:


Luke Fisher and Jang-A-Lang alumnus Clint Jordan were also on the show. We had the great pleasure of having Clint play with Piper and me, reuniting a part of The Jang-A-Lang String Band for a whole lot of fun.

Thanks to Bob Ray and the folks at The Link Centre. We thoroughly enjoyed entertaining you all.

It was my first full show in several years. I was exhausted at the end of the show. One invests a lot of energy into a show and with CLL has very little reserve. I sure am glad Piper could drive us home.Thanks to Gooday, Nurse Alice, and Nurse Sarah at the Big-as-Texas Cancer Center for continuing me on the ruxolitinib trial that has helped me regain some energy and kept me stable for three years now.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, though. And I enjoyed having Piper and Clint play with me. I also enjoyed meeting, listening to, and working with Mississippi songwrtiter, Luke Fisher. Mississippi is blessed with many great songwriters.

It was great to do it in Elvis’s home town.

Piper and Me Link Centre 1There’s lots of music here in Mississippi.


©2018 Mississippi Chris Sharp

All songs, except for Deep Ellem Blues, are ©2000-2018 Mississippi Chris Sharp/Stump Whipped Music/ASCAP

The excellent photos are courtesy of Magnolia Lauderdale.

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