7/27/16 One of Us, Please

Champion of the Underclass,” Bill Clinton said about his wife.

I get along with the middle class and the poor people better than I get along with the rich people,” said Donald Trump.

And who cares anything about what Lena Dunham may have said at any time about anything? Do you? Really?

Does Donald Trump know any middle class or poor people to not get along with? It’s easy to get along with people you never see or interact with. It is highly likely that the only middle class and poor people Donald Trump ever talks to are those who are employed by one of his businesses.

If Hillary Clinton is a champion of the underclass, it begs many questions. Does she identify herself as a member of an upper-class? Was she ever part of the underclass? Does she know an underclassman when she sees him? Do underclassmen fit a profile that exists in her mind? Can she point one out in a crowd, or is it everyone on the other side of the fence around the speaker’s platform? Everyone not a major donor to her campaign or family foundation?

I never understand why people from one class can really claim to represent people of a lower class in any meaningful way since it is patronizing to begin with. If the people from the underclass do as they’re told, they might be helped by those doing the telling, the tellers tell us but show us that their main desire is to gain and keep political power by largesse with taxpayer money, and to grow the bureaucracy and protect its bureaucrats in spite of the many failures of service to those it is intended to serve.

I didn’t watch the Republican convention. I don’t watch TV. I didn’t watch the Democrat convention. I don’t watch TV. I did read about them, though.

The only thing about the Democrat convention that interested me was the 8 foot high temporary security fence built around the convention site, and more, the fenced-off area around the dais where the speakers were well isolated from the commoners in the crowd, perhaps to protect the crowd from drivel-drips spewed from the mouths of drivelers, but more likely to protect the speakers from disappointed and duped Bernie Sanders admirers. Even Bernie rolled over too quickly with his call for unity prior to the convention start.

I was interested in the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and leaked e-mails debacle, which shows more precisely than televised/teleprompted speeches what the speakers really think about those they claim to champion. Wiki-Leaks says there are more to come. It does not look good.

By the way, is DNC e-mail hacking the 21st century equivalent of the 1972 break-in of the DNC headquarters office in the Watergate Building? What does G. Gordon Liddy know about this hacking, I wonder? What similarities exist between deleted e-mails by a Secretary of State and an 18 minute gap in an audio tape, inexplicably erased by Rosemary Woods, President Nixon’s secretary? Hmmmmm! History sure does come around again. Watch out!!! or it’ll sneak up on you and kick you square in the ass as you think you’re following right behind it.

I wasn’t interested in anything that went on at the Republican convention, other than to note tthe lack of murders committed by the firearm carriers whose rights the Ohio Governor, citing no legal authority for him to do so, rightfully refused to “suspend”. Nor did the protesters protest too much against the racist/xenophobic/homophobic/Islamophobic/Latinophobic/any-other-kind-of-phobic Donald Trump. It was actually pretty tame there, with maybe a DNC staged protest or two, which, according to the leaked e-mails, was a tactic of the DNC. The only real controversy seemed to be Ted Cruz, and it has been adjudicated by all parties and decision makers that no one, simply no one, likes Ted Cruz, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz, and even this may be unlikely.

At least Sarah Palin had no time in the spotlight, nor Mitt Romney, nor John McCain, though I have the most sincere respect for John McCain and his devotion to duty as he served much of his time in a POW camp in North Vietnam.

Rest assured, this writer is not voting FOR anyone. My vote can only be cast under duress, and then only against someone. I sure wish there was someone I could vote FOR. That will not be the case.

Before you criticize me for my politics, examine the flaws in your own. Neither progressivism or conservatism offers us much this time around. The shills for Hillary have done their work, and having done it, it will now be re-discovered that the worst enemy Hillary has is Hillary, or her indiscreet husband.

The nation is tired of focus groups, talking points, pollsters, rigged systems, celebrity political comments, news media bias, and career politicians whose career supersedes anything as old-fashioned and sentimental, as low-brow and provincial, as statesmanship.

The only thing missing was the late Leona Helmsley, who might have very capably reminded us that, “Only the little people pay taxes.”

Welcome to Election 2016, all you little people: you poor, tired, silly little people. Commoners don’t interfere in the affairs of nobility or dare to question their noble actions, nor their noble results or lack of them, since intentions and intentions alone make them noble. In the long run, it is only intentions that matter, which means that liars are OK as long as they have DISPLAYED good intentions…and so are thieves…and so are reprobates of the higher class sort. Let’s have some common-sense displayed good intentions that will yield some juicy talking points and hopefully disguise the real intentions, which are so ignoble as to be withheld from display. Of course, deception is perfectly acceptable to achieve the ends of the nobly intended causes. Doesn’t Islam have taqiyya as one of its doctrines in dealing with the kaffiri? How can this not be noble, since it is a universal practice condoned by spiritual and noble people the world over, particularly in Brussells and the UN, and by Bilderbergers and Rothschidian Illuminatists, ancient and contemporary.

Even the State Department’s young Marie Harf, the current Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications to Secretary of State John Kerry (now that’s a noble title!), as full of international experience and wisdom as Talleyrand of old warned us commoners about things that were too nuanced for our understanding during her short tenure as a State Department Deputy Spokesperson. (“Somebody get her the hell out of there,” it was heard shouted from behind the curtain.)


As punishment for my own egregious moral failure, I will now write on the blackboard, fifty times:

I will not write about politics. I will not write about politics. I will not write about politics. I will not write about politics. I will not write about politics. I will not write about politics. I will not write . . .

At least I’m not writing about it on Facebook.

My cynicism slipped its halter. I must run it down before it causes lots of mischief.

I must also learn to be more noble, but if that means displaying good intentions to disguise nefarious intentions, I suppose I’ll never make it into the echelons of the elite upper-class…the noble class.

Just like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, there sure are  lot of “I”s in this. I must stop it. I also must get some sleep.

I have declared and reckoned with reckless abandon, y’all!

©2016 Mississippi Chris Sharp


One thought on “7/27/16 One of Us, Please

  1. Awesome! Thanks for saying what I am thinking, just not as eloquently as you have.
    Hope you’re doing well my friend.


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