7/25/16 Irony Beyond Measure

The irony of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) erecting an eight foot high four mile long fence around  convention headquarters in Philadelphia bears mention, and I cannot let it pass. No doubt, there will be armed security all along the perimeter of the fence, because someone must mind the fence.

Who are they trying to keep out? Angry Bernie Sanders supporters?

They, the Ivy-League privileged elite, yawn with boredom because of our simple-mindedness, claiming that we fail to understand the nuance of complex situations, lecturing us that fences don’t work, that national borders are artificial barriers to human progress, as they prepare to be safe behind their fenced, armed perimeter, insulated from the protests of those they claim to represent. I don’t reckon I’ve ever heard of a more artificial barrier than the Philadelphia convention fence, protecting those who represent you from you, right there in The City of Brotherly Love. There’s not much love in an eight-foot fence.

If those leaked e-mails fail to make it clear who the DNC actually represents, one must be wondering to himself in frustrated resignation, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

But then again, maybe the fence is just to keep out Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Don’t be hasty . . . I don’t like Donald Trump, either.

To quote the great political science savant, Oliver Hardy, “What a fine mess we are in!”

Sorry! There’s nothing funny here today!

ne plus ultra

©2016 Mississippi Chris Sharp


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