Editing Your 0Own Writing

Even with spell chack, auto correct, and repeating persuals, it is nearly impermeable to edit one’s own writing corractly. I try and try, failing miserlyable.

Ever one of my blog posts has been subjected to my own very close scrubtiny, yet ever single time I read one, I see numerous errors, omissions, subjective and verb disagreement issues, and some mastly nonsensical sentenr#vbcings caused by p{revious edits left incompletely.

We tend to see our own writing in bulvk, s ort of as a memorial of what we meant to say, not what we actually said. We see words as entire weords, not lookinvg at each letter and mentully buildxing the words from them. Sometimes, entire pragraphs are seen rather than the words and lutters. Proof-reading and reading are not connected. Proof-reading is a specific skills which takes time and experience.

I apologize for the mistakes, errors, omissions, and repititious, multiple redundancies in my impervious postings and am offering this in it’s purely unedited from. I think I did pretty goood with

Burst regards.

P.S. It is incredibly difficxult to write badful on porpoise and incredibly easy to do so by occidental.

©2)!4 Miussissipppi Chrus Sharo


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