Missing Morpheus

Where have you gone, Morpheus?

What other errands must you run
That you would hide from me tonight
And my presence you most surely shun
Which keeps me from your sight
I wish that I might see your face
I call but no reply
I open arms to your embrace
You turn the evil eye
Into surly abysses darkened
You’ve flown beyond my grasp
With restless twitching limbs I harkened
But pleas have blown right past
Dreamless sleep is wakeful dreamt
In course of endless night
Then you’ll show no small contempt
To hail at first daylight
With offers of your charms you’ll tempt
Is it real or is it spite?
By then I’ll have no time for cheer
I hope you’ll understand
When tired I hear your first snore clear
Your head will dent a cast-iron pan
And when you wail and air your gripes
Then recline in sweet repose
I’ll blast you ‘wake with highland pipes
And stuff them up your nose
Maybe then I’ll get across my point
And you’ll make to me a gift
Next dusky darkness sleep anoint
And cease your awful shift
Then finally touch this haggard heap
And bestow on me a good night’s sleep.

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