6/17/16 It Starts Today, for Me



It’s not often FedEx brings you a $100,000 package. There were four bottles like the one shown, which adds up to $25,000 per bottle. I admit that FedEx brings me lots of of stuff, some of it expensive, but nothing quite so expensive as this. Of course, the Ruxolitinib is being furnished to me free-of-charge since I am to be its guinea pig, though guinea pig is a less-than-fair characterization since there is more than a little evidence that this it is going to be beneficial in more than one way. I am one of the ones who will help determine that, me and 59 others.

I have one bottle in my travel bag. The rest I locked in my gun safe, though it is not likely that anyone would abscond with it, since it is marked EXPERIMENTAL CHEMOTHERAPY DRUG. It does not offer the promise of any buzz, just stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, kidney and liver failure, and other such things as lots of drugs have as warnings and contraindications. But no grapefruit! I will have to study up on that as it is a powerfully curious thing as to why grapefruit is anathema for ruxolitinib.

I will, however, enjoy the banjo music, which, itself, is anathema to many others. I do not envy them, those cold, timid, banjo-less souls, for there is joy unbridled in a banjo.

My first dose will be at 6:00PM this evening. The 6AM and 6PM program seems like a good one to me, as both of those times usually see me awake.

We’ll see how this goes.

Keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, no grapefruit! Really!! But my favorite banjo is all tuned up and ready to go!

©2016 Mississippi Chris Sharp

3 thoughts on “6/17/16 It Starts Today, for Me

  1. Shouldn’t that be the “Big Ass Texas Cancer Center”? Best of luck on this trial–banjo music definitely improves one’s immune system–you get immune to all those bad banjo jokes.


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