11/16/14 Writing Immersion

My earlier post today, Grubercare/Grubergate, was started at 4:00AM. I posted it and edited it as best as I could by 8:20AM. What seems like a few words took me a total of 4 hours and 20 minutes. It was time well spent, because every writer looks forward to a complete immersion into the writing experience so that one becomes completely unaware of the passage of time, or the distractions of environment.

Debbie came in about 7:30 and spoke to me several times before giving up; I was lost in my own world. Some folks call this is a liability, but I’d rather call it the ability to focus.

I can testify that, once started, losing oneself in the process of writing is a delightful thing, the same as losing oneself in the creation of a piece of art, the composition of a song, or the playing of music. Those moments are precious, rewarding, and restorative.

I wish them on you all.

©2014 Mississippi Chris Sharp

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