6/10/15 Going to Miss California This Summer

Every year for the last several years I have had the great privilege and pleasure to go to the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains in California for a fabulous music festival where I not only play, but enjoy exciting music from around the world, all in a heavenly setting. I will not make it this year for various and sundry reasons. Nor did I make it last year because of the very real danger of fire, because of which the festival was canceled.

There is no way of estimating how this music festival has had an impact on my life. I have made a great number of new life-long friends and musical cohorts just at the time in my life when curmudgeons like me are deciding that they don’t really even like people anymore.

I am thankful for those who coaxed, cajoled, and insisted for me to go to California, and assisted me greatly ever since, and for all the hundreds of people who respected, accepted, and loved me and my family. Your warmth and love are forthwith returned, enclosed with a handsome dividend. Thank you, all!

I will be back. Make a slot for Piper and me next year, when it will likely be me, Piper, and both her daughters. Maggie, Piper’s youngest, only dreams of a magic place that Olivia tells her really exists. In Maggie’s mind we must be visiting Oz, Middle-Earth, Camelot, and Narnia all at the same time. She would not be far from right.

Not to worry….Ray Bierl will be there, and he’s the coolest man I know.

Blessings, love, peace, joy, and plenty to all the Millers, from our family to yours.

In the meantime, here’s a video from Fiddlin’ Will’s from 2012..

Much love to you all!

4 thoughts on “6/10/15 Going to Miss California This Summer

  1. Oh dear Chriee-us – how will I last til next year without seeing that big ol’ smile that I NEED to see! Well I’m sure we will spend most of The Mill this year just talking about you and Piper, and longing for you.. somehow we will make it thru for another year.. in other words – WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!


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