11/17/13 CLL Blog now hosted on WORD PRESS

First things first.

My “Music” computer is down. It must make a trip to the computer guru for some attention. I need to get a new one, or transfer everything over to the computer I use for video editing. My Music computer still runs Windows XP. Protools 8 requires XP and will not run on 7 or 8. My Digidesign Rack002 will not work on a computer that runs anything beyond XP. XP is no longer supported. The DIGI002 is no longer supported. I need to upgrade to Protools 11, get a new interface, and get all my peripherals working. I think I am too exhausted to do this right now. Also, I was running the ancient and no longer supported Microsoft Front Page for my website, which I can’t update now since the only computer that is running XP is down. It was time for a change.

Two very talented women I love, admire, and respect, Sara Winge and Deborah Robins-Hanks, have on occasion chastized me about my website, it’s poor color theme, its huge size, it difficulty to load and read, blah, blah, blah, and so forth and so on. But you know how men are…we can’t do anything unless we think it is our idea. Sara and Deborah both have backgrounds in publishing. I finally yielded to their superior wisdom. Changing the blog was not my idea, but I only did so when I was forced to do it because of external problems. I had already recognized that they were right, since two people who I know love me had admonished me more than once about changes I needed to make.

So, Sara and Deborah, it took a computer failure to actually get me to do something, but I had already recognized that y’all were right…I just didn’t know where to begin, nor have the energy. I had the energy to write, but without a means of publication, writing was purposeless. Every performer and hack needs an audience. I m just another performer and hack.

I am now publishing my CLL Blog on the free WordPress site. If I like it, I will upgrade it and add more features. When I get the computer guru to work on my computer, he is also going to help me get my whole website up and running on WordPress.

In the meantime, I will enjoy being able to update my blog through an email, and Sara, who, bless her heart, thinks I actually have something worthwhile to say, will rest better knowing that my blog posts will now have permalinks attached to them. I already know that the WAYBACK machine makes everything ever appearing on the internet permanent, but now I am inflicting permalinks on myself, so I suppose I should be more careful about what I say here.

Thanks, Sara and Deborah. I don’t think my blog will stay like this, but it is a starting place that works in the meantime. Bless you both for your encouragement and assistance.

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