8/31/13 Substitutions and Their Relevance

For your own edification, substitute the word “Syria” for the word “Egypt” in my 8/17/13 Blog Post, leave out the references to Napoleon and The Sphinx, and see for yourselves if it is not still relevant. We seem bound and determined, driven by an unpersuasive narrative of leaks from the White House, to engage in some “limited action” in Syria. We might as well dial up Assad, let him know that on next Tuesday precisely at 3:00PM local time, a Tomahawk cruise missile will strike an abandoned mini-mart at the corner of Jihad Street and Bedlam Avenue in Damascus, an already bombed out area that looks a lot like Detroit. If we give Assad enough warning, he can bus in thousands of women, children, and captured rebels just before the missile strike so that the videos of their torn bodies can be posted on YouTube. As Charles Krauthammer said in a Washington Post op-ed piece, “If you want to send a message, call Western Union. A Tomahawk missile is for killing.”

While you are about your own edification, you might read the 17th chapter of Isaiah, asking yourself, “What did Isaiah know about this?”

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