11/16/12 New Developments

The nefarious Dr. Meera Sachdeva, the Summit, Mississippi, Oncologist whom you  previously met here, and her cohorts in crime, were to have been sentenced today, but their sentencing was put off until December 7. Now what do you suppose made them delay the sentencing? Did the judge have a Tee Time that conflicted with his courtroom duties? Now will will wait and see what happens on December 7.

Since I was unable to contact Hemosapien yesterday, I sent a copy of my flow cytometry report to Gooday. You can count on hearing back from Gooday. He said exactly what I thought he would say: Suggest watch and wait. Check nodes in January.

So, I’ll be going back to Hemosapien in January to be checked again, then on to BATCC in April for my follow-up there.

I did just learn something profound that was said by Michael J. Fox, who has struggled with Parkinson’s disease which cut a successful career short. I learned this from my friend Charlene, who forwarded me an e-mail update from a friend of hers who is about as ill as a human being can be, while keeping the classic British stiff upper lip. Michael J Fox said:

My happiness is in direct proportion to my acceptance,

and direct disproportion to my expectations.

This is a valuable thing for one to learn when dealing with a bad illness. Every  time I have had an expectation, my illness has had a way of thwarting it. Every time I have learned acceptance, I have never been disappointed. Charlene’s friend had to have a double lung transplant, and is now dealing with a fungal infection in her new lungs and their rejection by her own immune system. Even the anti-bodies being produced by her own body to fight foreign intruders are being rejected. Things are compounding on her in a manner that cannot be imagined, including developing allergies to benadryl (Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride) and corticosteroids, which are designed to prevent allergic reactions. Technically, it is impossible to be allergic to corticosteroids, since they are produced by our own bodies. This lady is as sick as one can possibly be and needs our thoughts and prayers. Please send them liberally. I don’t have to mention her name. God knows her name . . . you can just refer to her as that really sick lady. God’ll know who you’re talking about.

If only the interest in our savings accounts could compound the way an illness can in our body. If only people didn’t get sick. If only there were no wars. If only there was no enmity between humans. If only there was no enmity between family members. If only the world was a better place. If only the doctors knew more. If only the sun would rise tomorrow. Wait . . . now just wait a minute. The sun WILL rise tomorrow. Well, then, if only I were there to see it. Some of us will be. Some of us won’t. Shall we trade what we have for what’s behind door number 3? There have been some big winners. But, there have been some big losers. We must learn to be content with what we have, for that is the only place wherein we will find peace.

Didn’t someone wise once say that? Let me think about it for a minute. Hmmmmm!

“. . . for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. . .”

Paul, the Apostle, Philippians 4:11. This is the secret to a happy life, no, no . . . more than that: it is the secret to a joyful life. There is joy in contentment. There is peace in contentment. There is life in contentment. And where there is a lack of contentment, there is contention. Contentment or contention? They are both things that can be learned. They are both things that can be unlearned. Paul learned to be content wherever he found himself. He didn’t say he started out that way, but that he learned it.

Now, I am going to be content to watch and wait. What other choice is open to me? Contentious watching and waiting? Caterwauling watching and waiting? Cacophonous watching and waiting? Cowering watching and waiting? Cowardly watching and waiting? Clandestine watching and waiting? Gooday and Hemosapien know more about this than me. I know enough to be dangerous to myself and others. I m content to watch and wait.

The only option to me is to be content while watching and waiting. For I could malcontentedly watch and wait, but to what purpose?

I am wanting to write something funny, but funny seems far from me at this time. Maybe I’ll just be content with what I have and content with what I wrote. If I m not, then, like Paul, I can LEARN to be so while Dr. Meera Sachdeva contentedly waits her sentencing for the most wicked of crimes against her patients. I wonder how content she is now? I suspect Michael J. Fox and the unnamed lady above have far more contentment about them.

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